Our research team looks for well-managed, financially sound investments that have identifiable catalysts for appreciation.

Investment Philosophy

At Bainco we believe that over time quality growth companies provide above market rates of return and meaningful downside protection. Our discipline incorporates a formal screening process which helps us to define our own investable universe, emphasizing those long term financial variables that reflect quality. In addition, Bainco’s dedicated research team applies rigorous fundamental analysis at the company and industry group level to provide the foundation for our equity and fixed income portfolios. The asset allocation process incorporates both fundamental and quantitative assessments of economies, geopolitics and relative value amongst markets. This formal process drives our decisions related the appropriate capital commitment to each asset class and sector.

Investment Process

Each of our clients has unique goals and needs. We ultimately customize our investment strategies for each client, tailoring their equity and fixed income allocations and investments to meet stated goals for their entire base of wealth. We ask clients to keep us informed about all assets that are managed outside of Bainco, such as real estate, private investments, and other investment managers. Knowing our clients’ entire base of wealth enables us to make more tax efficient investment and allocation decisions for the money that we manage.