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Substantial wealth opens up limitless possibilities for individuals and their families. Sam Bain founded Bainco in 1987 on the premise that significant assets demand attentive management. He distinguished Bainco as a wealth management firm focused on holistic and objective asset management at a time when transaction-based investing was the norm. He offered a customized investment management approach along with an exceptional commitment to client service. Sam believed that clients were best served by being the center of a collaborative team whereby Bainco assumes the lead role of trusted advisor. That fundamental belief remains the foundation of Bainco’s core values upon which each and every client relationship is built. We work closely with families to help them formulate overall objectives for their assets. We then plan and implement individual strategies for success, refining them as time passes and circumstances change.

Significant wealth also carries with it special responsibilities. We believe personal financial assets deserve disciplined management to enhance their potential and add value both economically and intrinsically. Sound management should not only protect wealth and limit taxation; it should also increase assets over time through appropriate investing and customized planning. Ultimately, such management affords affluent families opportunities to pursue new business ventures, achieve personal lifestyle goals, and prepare for a satisfying retirement. It can also ensure well-being for future generations and provide a host of opportunities for charitable and other personal endeavors that they find most important.

Our story is best told in person. We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which Bainco can become an essential resource for you and your family and for generations to come.

Our Mission

Bainco is a private asset management firm providing individualized portfolio management, wealth planning and private equity advice to a limited number of very wealthy individuals and families through long term relationships based on trust, service and performance.

We take pride in the strong and lasting relationships we have built with our clients and their advisors and in the integral role we play in their continued success.

We emphasize the importance of education and collaboration for the purpose of gaining and sharing knowledge with our clients as well as the advisor community.

We continue to offer high potential employees opportunities to be part of seasoned, professional teams that care for and respect Bainco clients and each other.

A vibrant history