Bainco Is INSITE-Full At San Diego Conference

August 23, 2017

Alex Bain

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SAN DIEGO, CA – Mark O’Keefe, Chief Financial Officer at Boston-based wealth advisor Bainco, was an invited speaker at the 2017 Pershing INSITE conference held in San Diego. He participated in a panel discussion entitled Managing Profitability & Growth with Metrics which educated industry leaders on how to best utilize financial and operating measurements in order to improve their decision-making processes. Mark conveyed to the audience that “Bainco sets itself apart as an industry Top Performer because we not only understand the considerable value we bring to our clients, but we also understand how to measure our unique service model against industry benchmarks using concrete metrics.”

Competition in the industry has reached new heights making it increasingly more difficult for firms to distinguish themselves. Mark suggested that “understanding a firm’s unique strengths and distinct qualities, supported by fundamentally sound metrics, not only enhances a firm’s ability to grow and scale, but also ensures it is acting in the best interest of its shareholders, employees, and ultimately its clients.”  He cautioned the audience of investment professionals that “ignoring key metrics is like burying your head in the sand and expecting to know when the tide is coming in.”

Mark’s expertise was well received by audience members who actively participated in the Q&A portion of the discussion. Nearly 2,000 investment industry leaders from across the U.S. attended this year’s INSITE conference hosted by Pershing’s Mark Tibergien and Lisa Dolly.

Bainco is a leading Wealth Advisor, based in Boston, Massachusetts, and winner of the 2017 Financial Times 300 – Top Registered Investment Advisors award. 

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