Employee Spotlight: Isabel Scharmer

For TAG Executive Committee, a New Chair

Isabel Scharmer, a 20-year veteran at Bainco and Director of Portfolio Strategy, has been named Chair of Tuck Annual Giving (TAG) Executive Committee. As a graduate of Dartmouth’s prestigious business school, she is well-suited to take on this new role after many years of working as a TAG volunteer, where she has helped drive a 70% alumni giving rate. Isabel is featured in the November edition of Tuck News where she credits her experience at Bainco, particularly around building rewarding relationships, as an important philosophy in her fundraising efforts for Tuck.

“I’ll talk to one classmate who is selling a business, or starting a business, or moving to a new place, and I’ll say ‘You know who you should talk to…’ I love connecting two classmates who would have never otherwise talked to each other.”

Earlier this year, Isabel was elevated to Partner at Bainco and was recognized for her many years of hard work and commitment to its clients. Isabel’s promotion strengthens the firm’s leadership core as well as its ability to grow and constantly improve the firm with high quality people.

Bainco congratulates Isabel on earning these impressive appointments and looks forward to many more years with her on our team.

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