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Bainco builds a foundation for our clients’ peace of mind with a holistic and customized investment approach that incorporates goal-driven financial planning and our clients’ unique overall wealth picture.

portfolio strategy

Bainco’s identity was thoughtfully designed to encourage lasting and meaningful client relationships. Consideration for the intimate size of the firm, geographic locale, and the character and qualifications of those we hire are keys to our success in delivering a comprehensive portfolio service model. Our Portfolio Strategists have exceptional depth and experience in managing customized portfolios for families with unique requirements; founded on trust and delivered with a highly personalized touch.

Creating and preserving generational wealth is a result of aligning our interests with those of our clients. We understand the concerns of people who have amassed wealth and have accepted the responsibility of ensuring that it is managed with our full attention and capability. While our clients all possess significant net worth, they have varied and wide-ranging needs. They rely on our knowledge of their situation to tailor their investment choices while ensuring they are suitable for estate, tax and lifestyle planning requirements.

We pay particular attention to complicated situations, always endeavoring to maximize liquidity, minimize taxation, and streamline solutions. It is paramount, therefore, that we manage portfolios diligently, and more importantly, with full transparency. And with our full attention and generous time, we are investing into a relationship that yields the most valuable profit, trust. We earn and protect our clients’ trust as an asset unto itself – a trust that spans generations.

wealth strategy

What does wealth mean to you and your family? The simple question elicits countless responses and ideas, reinforcing the fact that wealth is personal and has a different meaning to each and every client with whom we work. We often find that the most cherished assets are not monetary. This is the foundation for our truly customized approach to wealth planning.

Our goal is simple – provide comprehensive wealth planning solutions designed to help you achieve your specific objectives. We cover a multitude of planning topics important to our clients and strive to seamlessly blend the quantitative aspects of every financial decision with the qualitative considerations unique to each client and family.  Bainco’s Wealth Strategists are equipped with the intellectual capital, professional network, and deep experience to navigate the various complexities wealth brings which in-turn provides our clients with confidence and peace-of-mind.

Every portfolio management and investment decision includes careful consideration of wealth strategies and we work proactively with our clients’ outside advisors to incorporate the whole picture. We dedicate much of our time to these efforts because a well-designed plan provides for a lifetime of possibilities and the legacy you deserve.

investment process

Each client holds a unique overall financial position – whether that includes concentrated stock option position or a unique personal business risk, it is all taken into account when creating the ideal mix of assets. Bainco’s investment process allows us to customize to those distinct circumstances by maintaining a core portfolio of individual stocks and bonds that allows us to:

  • Mitigate risks directly on multiple levels
  • Manage taxes in a way that is customized to each client
  • Develop customized asset allocations
  • Control expenses
  • Protect the portfolio

Our goal is to create a customized portfolio that allows us to know what to expect. When we know what to expect, we can ensure that Bainco clients are appropriately paid for the risk they undertake – the hallmark of our approach. Our methodology is based on rigorous process which yields replicable results that test, retest, refine, and improve upon.

our process

All our client relationships begin with a conversation to help us understand your unique circumstances. We invariably find we can make valuable recommendations and help these new relationships before an account is ever opened.

  • Conversation

  • Assemble Team

  • Investment Policy Statement

  • Communication Plan

  • Account Opening

  • Relationship Building

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An Array of Wealth


New relationships are often introduced to Bainco around liquidity events and other significant financial or life changes. Our extensive experience allows us to undertake the most complicated situations, synthesize them into understandable and organized strategies, and help implement comprehensive plans for success. Families who work with Bainco have amassed significant wealth from a variety of endeavors from heads of major corporations and professional firms to successful entrepreneurs in industries such as technology, transportation, biotechnology, engineering, retailing, and advertising. We work with professional athletes, world renowned physicians, multi-generational wealthy families, and more.

The diversity of our client base is a significant benefit for our clients, affording access to alternative investments, business referrals, and a wide range of other intellectual sharing opportunities. Working with a diverse client base gives us unique insight into an assortment of financial situations, domestic and international trends, and businesses types. This knowledge augments our skills in tailoring investments to a wide variety of estate, tax, and lifestyle planning needs. We have found this perspective to be invaluable to our analysis of specific investment ideas on behalf of our clients. Additionally, we learn a great deal as we navigate through challenging situations and leverage that knowledge to help other clients who may have similar needs.