What does wealth mean to you and your family?

Wealth is highly personal. It takes on different meanings depending on individual circumstances and stages in life. However you define wealth, you can gain a sense of security in your financial life through a holistic, customized and goal-driven approach that manages wealth’s complexities.

Portfolio Strategy

Understanding your complex wealth.

Bainco was designed to deliver a comprehensive and individualized portfolio model. We have purposely remained intimate in size and focused on the character and qualifications of those we hire. Our portfolio strategists have exceptional understanding and experience customizing portfolios for families with unique requirements, providing sound, trusted advice delivered with a highly personalized approach.

Creating and preserving generational wealth is the result of aligning our interests with those of our clients. We understand the concerns of people who have amassed wealth, and we have accepted the responsibility of managing it with our full attention and capabilities. While our clients all possess significant net worth, they have varied and wide-ranging needs. They have confidence in our judgement and rely on us to tailor their investment choices based on their unique circumstances, ensuring suitability for estate, tax and lifestyle planning.

In short, our portfolio strategists endeavor to maximize liquidity, minimize taxation and streamline solutions, managing our clients’ investment portfolios with attentiveness and transparency.

Our Approach
Developing our understanding of you.

All client relationships begin with a conversation to help us understand each unique circumstance. Often we find that we make valuable recommendations before an account is ever opened.

A Sampling of Wealth Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow
  • Income Tax
  • Education Planning & Gifting
  • Charitable Gift Giving
  • Risk Management
Wealth Strategy

A lifetime of possibilities.

Our goal is simple: provide comprehensive wealth planning solutions designed to help clients achieve their specific objectives. We cover a multitude of planning topics important to our clients and strive to seamlessly blend the quantitative aspects of every financial decision with the qualitative considerations unique to each client and family. Bainco’s wealth strategists are equipped with the intellectual capital, professional network and deep experience to navigate the various complexities wealth brings, which helps provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind.

Every portfolio management and investment decision includes careful consideration of wealth strategies, and we work proactively with our clients’ outside advisors to incorporate the whole picture. We believe a well-designed plan provides for a lifetime of possibilities and a well-deserved legacy.

Investment Process

The case for quality.

Bainco applies a disciplined investment process to consistently build diversified, high-quality equity portfolios that align with key client objectives of preserving and responsibly growing their wealth. The proprietary process identifies consistently growing companies with superior financial metrics, which deliver the stability and appreciation our clients seek.

Our firm-wide focus on quality leads us to invest in companies with values similar to our own while our strategy plays to our edge: time and discipline. We begin with a quantitative screening process and overlay fundamental diligence to develop a strong list of potential investments with competitive advantages in their industry, financial strength and excellent management teams. We select only those with attractive risk-adjusted expected returns that we believe will best fit within the portfolio.

Bainco portfolio strategists tailor this model portfolio to meet the specific needs of each client situation. Whether a client portfolio includes a concentrated stock position, a private business or multiple private equity investments, we consider that client’s overall financial position when creating the ideal mix of assets. Investments are carefully selected to play a specific role in the portfolio and balance each client’s long-term goals and short-term liquidity needs.

Key Elements of Quality Growth Investments
  • Enduring Competitive Advantage
  • Industry and Market Tailwinds
  • Financial Strength
  • Corporate Culture of Results
  • Attractive Valuation