Samuel E. Bain, Jr.

Founder, Managing Partner, CEO

Sam founded Bainco in 1987 as a wealth management firm focused on holistic and objective asset management at a time when transaction-based investing was the norm. He continues to believe that clients are best served by being the center of a collaborative team whereby Bainco assumes the lead role of trusted financial advisor.

While helping to shape the firm’s business strategy, Sam maintains close client relationships. He applies his business acumen to a host of unique client situations and enjoys the intellectual challenge of identifying and developing solutions to otherwise complicated problems. He works closely with the wealth strategies team on complex estate, tax and gift planning strategies and has served on the boards of multiple early-stage venture companies and non-profit organizations.

Sam believes that education is the cornerstone of all personal and organizational growth, and has committed himself to various institutions that promote knowledge. He translates this belief in learning to Bainco, ensuring that all client advice comes with an educative delivery that benefits the collective knowledge of his clients and employees. In 2016, Sam was the recipient of the 2016 UVM Alumni Association Distinguished Service Award for his guidance through tough financial times as the chair of the UVM Investment Sub-Committee.

George Washington University

MS in Systems Design and Management

University of Vermont

BS in Mathematics

Past and Present Board Memberships

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Boston Baroque

St. Johnsbury Academy

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer

The Addario Lung Cancer Medical Institute

Trustee Emeritus

University of Vermont

Investment Advisory Representative